MCP Group S.A. ( Business & Commercial )

Client Description:

MCP Group S.A. is an international corporation specializing in the production and distribution of minor metals and is the world leader in the production of bismuth, tellurium, selenium, indium and gallium.  These metals have a wide range of applications but are mainly used in the electronic fields in the form of solar cells and other green energy products.


MCP Group S.A. approached LLC seeking legal consultation and advice on the quickest and most effective way in which it could set up a manufacturing plant inside the Lao PDR.

LLC advised and drafted all corporate documents for MCP Group S.A. to be in full compliance with the laws and regulations of Lao PDR.  LLC legal services were as follows:

  • Drafted a Due Diligence report outlining all necessary permits, licenses and authorizations to conduct the company’s business activities.  LLC also provided advice on specific issues relating to the import and export of raw materials, the importation of foreign capital, and the use of foreign sourced labor;
  • Negotiated and drafted land lease contracts and land use rights with the relevant  land management authorities; and
  • Liaised with the relevant government authorities including the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Finance in order to facilitate full support and approval from all parties.


MCP Group S.A. was able to set up its manufacturing plant in record time. The company is now in full operation, producing and exporting vast amounts of tellurium, which is used as a key component for the manufacturing of solar panels.



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