Nokia (IP)

Client Description:

Nokia is a multinational communications corporation with its headquarters in Finland. The company primarily engages in the manufacturing and distribution of mobile phone devices.

The company’s mobile phones were routinely being counterfeited and distributed under the Nokia brand image without the company’s permission in Lao PDR. Nokia sought LLC’s advice on appropriate legal remedies with the aim of mitigating the amount of counterfeit Nokia mobile phones in circulation.


Teaming up with local law enforcement authorities, LLC investigated counterfeit products in various markets throughout Lao PDR. LLC compiled evidence, including photos and specimens of the counterfeit Nokia products and submitted them to the relevant authorities. LLC proceeded to draft legal claims for submission to the Department of Intellectual Property within the Prime Minister’s Office. Acting as a liaison for Nokia, LLC worked with governmental officials and local law enforcement authorities to clarify technical issues and interacted with the Official Execution Committee appointed by the Prime Minister to carry out the confiscation and seizure of the counterfeit products.

Together, with the relevant authorities, LLC inspected all shops to ensure compliance with governmental orders were met and confiscated all counterfeit products that remained in the marketplace.


There has been a massive reduction in counterfeit Nokia mobile phones in use in the Lao PDR. Consumers are better educated on recognition of deceptively similar or counterfeit products.



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