SNV Netherland Development Organisation (Immigration etc)

Client Description:

SNV Netherland Development Organisation is a non-profit international development organisation whose mission is to alleviate poverty by enabling low income population sectors to engage in capacity building exercises allowing them to be exposed to variety of social and economic networks. The Company has over 900 technical and cultural advisors and operates in 36 countries worldwide; the majority of their activities are based in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia.


The headquarter office sought LLC’s advise and expertise regarding inquiries as to whether or not its local branch office based in Vientiane, Lao PDR was in full compliance with all relevant Lao laws and regulations, particularly laws pertaining to international non- governmental  organisations  development activities in Lao PDR. 

LLC drafted a Legal Opinion outlining all relevant laws and regulations in regards to the operation of international non- government organisations in Lao PDR. The Legal Opinion identified and addressed the following key issues:

  • permits and approvals  certifying that  the organisation is duly established and validly exists in good standing in accordance with Lao laws and regulations;
  • the right to employ expatriate staff, Including applications for multiple entry visas, work permit cards, and identification cards; and
  •  applicable exemptions for payroll tax, value added tax, social security and import duties with respect to the operation of an international non-governmental organisation in Lao PDR.


LLC advised SNV Netherlands Development Organisation headquarter office that its  branch office in Lao PDR was in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations in the Lao PDR.



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