ANZ Bank ( Criminal Law/Dispute Resolution)

Client Description:

ANZ Banking Group Ltd is a major Australian-based bank with retail and business banking operations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. Operations comprise mostly of commercial and retail banking as well as fund management. ANZ Banking Group Ltd has a global presence, offering services in 14 different countries.


ANZ Banking Group Ltd sought LLC’s advice on the most effective and efficient method of recovering past due debt owed to the bank by an outstanding debtor. 


LLC mediated between the debtor and the bank and drafted demand letters to the debtor for repayment of the debt.  The dispute proceeded to litigation in the Vientiane Capital Court and LLC prepared all legal documents and evidence supporting the bank’s claim. LLC represented ANZ Banking Group Ltd in several court hearings.


LLC obtained a successful outcome from Vientiane Capital Court, in favor of ANZ Banking Group Ltd. The recovery of the outstanding debt reduced the bank’s net profit loss rate and increased its capital efficiency, allowing the bank to reach more practical operation levels.



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